Guanshan June is a frosty frost, and the wild old spring does not see flowers. The cold weather makes the Guanshan grassland cool and warm. There is no obvious summer in the whole year, the spring and autumn are connected, the winter is long, and the annual rainfall can reach 700mm. The scenic meadow is rich, the valley is slow. Wide, the top of the mountain is round, the ridge is undulating, the green is like a blanket, and it stretches wide. There are more than ten channels of water flowing all the year round, and the twists and turns are in the wide valley, without any human pollution. The water is clear, the flow is stable, the air is fresh, the climate Pleasant, forming a unique landscape of natural tourism resources.


The landscape of natural tourism resources in Guanshan Scenic Area, the landscape skeleton of the scenic spot is constructed by the mountainous peaks, ridges, wide valleys and gentle slopes; the main color of the scenic area is composed of contiguous forest and meadow grassland; Tanchi constitutes the landscape pulse of the scenic spot; it is composed of blue sky and white clouds and various sky-like landscapes; the fresh air and cool and pleasant climate constitute the scenic atmosphere of the scenic spot.


The combination of tourism resources is different from the Qinling Mountains in the south and the Loess Plateau in the east, north and west. The hills are undulating and have no sharp peaks. The river valleys are open and have the beauty of soft curves. The dense forests are full of green colors, and the green grasses are beautifully presented. The wind, the stream snake, the sky blue and white, the air is fresh, the landscape level is very rich, the composition is harmonious, the strange and beautiful. Therefore, the landscape combination of natural tourism resources in Guanshan Scenic Area presents a harmonious beauty and beauty rhyme.


Hawthorn landform landscape - Hawthorn landform landscape has no sharp peaks and abruptness, but it has a beautiful and simple style. It is different from the southern Qinling Mountains and the surrounding Loess Plateau. It is called "the seesaw is full of thousands of trees, only relevant The mountain is beautiful."


The trough-like landscape--the trough-like landscape shows a very open and gentle U-shaped section. There is no obvious valley line and slope line. The shape is rich in soft curves.


Forest landscape - rich forest landscape viewing, looking up at the top of the mountain green trees wearing a lush green, overlooking the mountains and forests of the sponges and the layers of the linden, the myopia of the forest, the vines and the air are fresh.


Grassland landscape - the grassland landscape is the most unique, concentrated in the valley bottom slope, contiguous distribution, high quality and quantity, magnificent, rare in the temperate mountainous region, rare in the eastern monsoon region, driving horses galloping, grass walking, small seats, wonderful Words.


River landscape and valley forest grass landscape - river and valley forest grass landscape features complement each other, no Yongquan waterfall, but the meandering, charming and beautiful, more beautiful landscape. Tianxiang landscape--the unique landscape of Tianxiang, Guanshan Snow "distance to the west of Qianlibai", Guanshanyue "Mingyue Zhaoguanshan, autumn wind people are not yet", Guanshan Day "Rising Sun Spraying Golden Light", Guanshan Mist" Mongolian Covered Hill Such as Wonderland ", Guan Shanyu" as the silk is like a bamboo fun, "Guanshantian" blue grass green clouds and beautiful scenery. The climate resources are cool and humid, making it a great place for summer vacations.


The Guanshan grassland is like the "Senebian frontier". The spring grassland is yellow, the summer mountain flowers are blooming, the autumn forest is full of dyeing, the winter is snowy, the seasons are changing, the scenery is beautiful, the weather is magnificent, and it is magnificent. It is a wonderful place for leisure and holiday. It is a perfect place for leisure and holiday.