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Guanshan history is a specific historical and cultural form connected with the development of Chinese social history under the constraints of Guanshan's specific natural environmental conditions. The Guanshan Mountains extend to the north and south, the main peak of Liupan Mountain and the 2,452 meters of Micang Mountain in the north, and the main vein of Qinling in the south. For the agricultural culture, the nomadic culture, the Han culture, the minority culture, the important demarcation and transition zone of the central government and the local state power, the collision of culture and the growth and decline of rights have strengthened the geographical value of the Guanshan area, the crossing of ancient roads, and the importance of customs. The military strategists must form a unique cultural symbol of Guanshan. The records of Guanshan historical events began in the Qin and Han Dynasties and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties. They stretched over the modern times and lasted for thousands of years, making the word Guan Shan synonymous with the refers to the border crossings in the Chinese language. The name of the mountain is named after the official. And the world.