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  A growing number of car owners like self-driving,but we should never let go of preparation before travel despite our excitement when making a travel plan in case accidents arising would spoil our emotions.Here are some tips on preparation for self-driving and matters needing attention for your reference.
  One.Make an overall inspection on your car before travel
  It is a major round that can’t be overlooked.Despite your busy schedule,you should take times to send your car to 4S store for an overall maintenance and safety check.Any fluky mind would bring you more trouble and loss.Maybe you will come up with an excuse that you could find no problem when you travel around at your hometown,but it might mean potential dangers for safety.If you do not timely address them,big trouble will arise.You can’t be careless when it comes to safety issues.
  Actually,many 4S stores would launch some projects on free maintenance and inspection before and after long holidays.Car owners would make initiatives to contact your dealers for relevant information.You should pay particular attention on the following inspection:
  1.Check whether your engine light,air sac light,ABS light,S light(when S key is closed)is turned on.If it is not,fix it in the maintenance station.
  2.Check the braking system:check whether the braking length is normal.If you are to travel long-distance with an old car,you should calculate the distance of arresters and clutch last time to make ensure that car failure can be avoided due to overt wear.
  3.Check the orientation system:check whether there are orientation trembling and deflection.
  4.Conduct check on oil liquid surface,anti-freezing liquid level,gearbox oil liquid surface,power-assisted steering oil liquid surface and brake oil liquid surface.Check whether it has leakage of oil or liquid by observing the outward of your car and the floor under your car.
  5.Check your windshield wiper,tyre rearview mirror and so forth.Pay attention to tyre pressure.Low tyre pressure would lead to flat tire when driving in the expressway.Moreover,you can’t run long-distance with the tyre stripe is less than 2 mm.Pay particular attention to checking whether there is crevice,rupture or bulge.Change it if it has any.Do not forget to check the back burner.It should be located higher than the back burner as it is stored on a long-term basis.
  6.Fog light.Though we barely use fog light,but we would use it when going for long-distance ride.Remember check whether the front and rear fog light can function.Moreover,duration of auto bulb is two or three years.Replace them if it is used for more than two years.
  7.Whether there is fracture in the windshield.As tiny fracture might expand ion a jolty road,it might lead to broken windshield.
  Two.List of articles in need
  1.Documents and texts:ID card,driving certificate,travel certificate,certificate for the senior,insurance expense and so forth.Take your car rescue card if you have any.
  2.Medicine:medicine to cure the cold,anti-inflammatory drug,painkiller,antidarrheic,drugs to cure car sickness.Bandage,band-aid,liquid medicine for disinfection.Hongjingtian capsule is highly recommended if you are heading to the highland above 3000 meters in elevation,for it can elevate ability to endure anoxia,release fatigue,prevent,release and guard against altitude stress.Ways of taking medicine:take it 3 to 5 days before departure to prevent altitude stress.Take it for 2 days after you come back home to prevent intoxication.
  3.Daily articles:clothes,sun helmet,gloves,soft sole suitable for driving,rain gear,lighting tools,heat preservation kettle and tableware,photographing tools,washing tools and so on.
  4.Backup articles:‘four treasures for preparation.They are trailing rope,connection wire for storage battery,triangle parking warning board and backup tyre.It should be stressed that other than drinking water,you should prepare over 10L of plastic barrel containing tap water to wash your hands or supplement engine coolant in times of emergency in order to avoid‘boiling’.Take a barrel of engine oil if you can just in case.
  5.Food:Take a cooler bag to maintain fresh food.It would be convenient when there is no place for dining.Prepare spring water,chocolate Snickers(supplement your strength),Red Bull drink(it works when you feel tired).For fruits,I recommend bananas,cucumbers,tomato and orange.
  6.Electronic devices:phone,camera,laptop,ipad,gps navigation and so forth.It depends on different situations.
  Three.Other matters needing attention before departure
  1.Get prepared the travel line before departure to avoid repetitive lines.
  2.Contact the insurance company before departure to learn about what to do when you are in an accident in a nonlocal place.
  3.It’s better that you buy at least one accident insurance for each travelers.
  Four.Driving techniques and matters needing attention
  1.For long-distance travel,avoid driving when worn out.If you feel worn out,take some rest or let others to drive the car.Do not hurry off.
  2.Pay attention to water temperature in the automobile dash board and data of oil pressure.Timely park and conduct check in case you hear abnormal sound or other abnormalities when you drive,or when you smell or catch sight of hot gas.
  3.Check the tyre before departure in the morning.Timely check the tyre when you park.Take some rest after you drive long-distance or drive in an expressway for two or three hours to cool off your tyre.Gently‘brake’the car if you have a flat tire.Clasp at the wheel with both of your hands to maintain stability before parking by the roadside.
  4.Do not have full trust on gps navigator.Ask the way first,check the map and then refer to gps.
  5.Timely fuel your car with petrol when the fuel oil is no more than two thirds.Do it in a petrol station in a downtown county or inside the city.
  6.When driving in a mountain road that has many curves,do not use the opposite track at a curve or when you can’t make sure whether there would be car coming in the front.Slow down with whistle blowing when you pass the curve.
  7.When you travel in an expressway and need to park in times of emergency,park in an emergency track.If you need to take some rest for long-distance drive,you can do it in the service area of the expressway or exit of the toll station.
  8.Do not park your car at the curve in the wilderness.Do not park your car in a place with bad vision,big slope,where suspicious people are around or other places that you find unsafe.When taking a rest after parking your car,make sure that your car is locked and pay attention to safety of your personal belongings.
  Five.Settlement of claim when meeting with a mishap in a nonlocal place
  Car owner should keep a calm mind when he runs into an accident.On the one hand,he should put obvious warning board behind the car.On the other hand,he should timely call the police.If there is casualty,he should seek for help and ask for medical institutions for rescue.He should call the branch company of the insurance company(within 48 hours).The insurance company would timely dispatch inspection staffs to the spot.Please wait for rescue cars if you can’t drive forward.
  If settlement of claim is involved,the car owner should claim requirement on settlement of claim to the inspection staffs from the insurance company.The car owner can go to the maintenance station recommended by the local insurance company or maintenance.After the car is fixed and the case is settled,he can come back to the place where he submits the insurance to submit the claim document.If death toll is involved,documents needed include ID card,claim application letter,driving license(original and copies),traveling license(original and copy),certificate for traffic accident,settlement letter for claiming for the traffic accident,written judgment from the court(if lawsuit is involved),invoice for car repairmen,rescue fees,receipt for compensation and original versions of invoices for relevant costs.
  Currently,some insurance companies launch‘payment on the spot for insurance in a nonlocal place’,universal compensation services for car insurance throughout the country.After the insurance audits it as errorless,the car owner can get compensation in a nonlocal place.But the car owner should go to the insurance for affirmation just in case.He can conduct‘correction on guarantee slip’and extend the range of insurance to a nonlocal place.If he goes for full coverage,he is charged an extra of 50 Yuan as premium for a month when he goes out of the province.