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Party building

Party building

General secretary xi jinping's correction of the "" four winds" "important instructions has been strongly echoed

2018/07/30 10:12
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A moment without pause to promote style of work to develop in depth
--general secretary xi jinping's instructions on correcting the"four winds"have aroused strong repercussions
  "The correction of the'four winds'cannot stop,style building is always on the way."General secretary xi jinping recently gave an important instruction on strengthening the party's style of work in an article by xinhua news agency titled"new manifestations of formalism and bureaucratism deserve vigilance".
  This important directive,which is full of rich connotations and clear requirements,fully demonstrates that the CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core is firmly committed to strictly governing the party in all respects,and firm in its determination to uphold integrity and discipline,and has aroused strong repercussions among party members and cadres everywhere.
  Never stop:never stop thinking about taking a break
  Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),since the formulation and implementation of the central committee's eight regulations,major achievements have been made in correcting the"four winds"throughout the party.According to the xinhua article,in the current"four winds"problem,hedonism and extravagance basically stopped,but formalism and bureaucratism still exist to some extent and show some new forms of expression.
  General secretary xi jinping pointed out that the situation reflected in the article,seemingly new,but actually old problems,once again showing that the"four winds"problem has a stubborn and repeated nature.Correct"four winds"cannot stop,style construction is always on the road.
  "Against the water boat strong support,a pole back to find.After the 19th CPC national congress,general secretary xi jinping once again made important instructions on the work style construction,and released a strong signal of continuous reform and discipline.Chen mingjie,a member of the standing committee of the Beijing municipal commission of discipline inspection,said that the anti-"four winds"should never have the idea of taking a rest and relaxing breath.
  Chen mingjie said that the members of the municipal commission of discipline inspection and supervision of Beijing will conscientiously follow the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping and make concrete rectification of existing problems.In particular,they should work hard on how to streamline work links,unblock work channels and improve work efficiency.
  The important instruction of general secretary xi jinping is just like a shot of""sobriety"",so that the vast number of party cadres will always maintain a sober consciousness to correct the""four winds"".
  ""the'four winds'problem has recalcitrant nature,and there are some bad styles like cutting leeks,cutting a long stubble.Li chao,secretary of discipline commission of chenzhou city,hunan province,believes that it is necessary to wake up to the construction of style of work is a long war,and dare to bear the responsibilities and fight hard battles.Chenzhou will continue to carry out the theme activities of"managing bad customs and cultivating new customs"style construction,and conduct in-depth rectification on the prominent problems of formalism and bureaucracy,such as procrastination and perfunctoriness in handling affairs,laziness in government and idleness in government.
  It is an important content to correct the"four winds"to improve the investigation and research and to change the style of writing.
  ""investigation and research must really go deep into the grassroots,deep into the masses,in order to achieve tangible results.""Liu Nazhong introduction,deputy director of the hubei province party government ethics commission for discipline inspection supervision office of hubei province discipline inspection authorities will review the formalism and bureaucracy as a discipline and the focus of the party's accountability,continue to intensify after asking responsibility,reporting exposure,urged party members and cadres to improve the way of research,change will winds,style,let more and more cadres in-depth grass-roots a line to listen to their opinions,verify as an important way of improving work.
  Detailed implementation:with solid and excellent measures of practical rectification
  The key to correct the"four winds"is to implement them and see the results in the end.
  General secretary xi jinping has made it clear that all regional departments and departments should display their performance,identify gaps and seize major contradictions.In particular,we need to take strong measures to address major problems,such as more statements of support,higher standards of conduct,and fewer actions to implement weak measures.
  Fu guoxiang,secretary of panzhou municipal party committee of liupanshui city,guizhou province,said that we should use our style to fight against poverty."Pan zhou is a state-level poverty-stricken county with a population of 1012 thousand.The task of lifting people out of poverty is arduous.We will strengthen the use of supervision,process assessment,supervision and accountability,and results.We will reject cadres who fail to advance their work,who are lagging behind in their work,who are prevaricating,who fail to act,who are slow to act,and who are chaotic.
  The construction of style is to close the flesh-and-blood connection between the party and the masses.
  "As a window unit,our style of work,the common people see most clearly.Government reform is not done behind closed doors.Jiang hongjun,director of the Shanghai pudong new area administrative service center,said the pudong new area has a dedicated"stubble"window in the service hall,and any problems encountered by people and enterprises in the process of handling affairs can be directly reflected to the window for resolution.In the next step,we will continue to improve our services,with the help of"Internet plus government services"to leave the convenience to the public and give the complexity to the system.
  General secretary xi jinping once pointed out that the essence of formalism is subjectivism and utilitarianism,and the root cause is dislocation of the view of political achievements and lack of responsibility.
  ""serving the people is concrete,not abstract,real and not empty.""Yue liang,party chief of xianyang city in shaanxi province,said that we should establish the correct view of political achievements,never make superficial articles,but try to avoid formalism and do practical things for the masses in good faith,solve difficult problems.
  "We will actively promote the'six one'project to benefit the people in smart cities,explore ways to add elevators to old communities,and deepen reforms in the areas of people's livelihood,such as'running only once',ensuring drug use by the poor,the new rural cooperative medical service for immediate reimbursement,and the approval of one official seal,so as to constantly meet people's aspirations for a better life."YueLiang said.
  "Head goose effect":leader cadre should take the lead to turn style
  Leadership is the key to good conduct.The leading cadres are the organizers,managers and promoters of the work style construction.
  In an important directive,general secretary xi jinping said that leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in changing their style of work and practice themselves.
  ""the'head goose effect'is key,and'key minority'should be grasped firmly.""Xu nanji,party secretary of changle district in fuzhou city,fujian province,was deeply impressed by the important instructions given by general secretary xi jinping.
  Since September last year,he introduced,changle district party committee to carry out the transforming social traditions as an important content of comprehensive governing party,stick to seize the key a few party members and cadres,to abolish the high-profile wedding marriage funeral festival customs,through the establishment of the party member the leading cadre hold or take part in the marriage funeral festival activity report of the public system,the model to observe the transforming social traditions into the cadre content,extensive talk reminds,tighten style of leading cadres of the red line.
  "In the next step,we will continue to take the lead by leading cadres at the next level.At the next level,we will take the lead by leading cadres at the next level."Mr.Xu said.
  "To correct the'four winds',we must start with leading cadres at all levels.Vice secretary of discipline inspection commission of liaoning province standing Ding Shunsheng said,since this year,has introduced to the standing committee of the provincial vice secretary-general of liaoning province,director of the general office of the original Li Huiyong,vice mayor of shenyang,QiMing,deputy director of the provincial departments of the original Wei Yuehui 8 analysis report and confessions,the central eight spirit to they had fallen,a set,behind a set of face to face,accept others in private clubs banquets,private,disguised Tours once disclosure,the problems such as above the county level in the whole province has caused great shock in the party member the leading cadre.
  ""through discipline education,discipline enforcement is strengthened,and party cadres are made aware of the fear,reserve fear and keep the bottom line,and are accustomed to working and living in a supervised and restrained environment."""Said ding.
  Shi wanjun,party chief of wuhai city of Inner Mongolia,believes that style building is a major issue related to the popular support and the survival of the party,and party committees at all levels must resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of governing the party.
  ,timely wuhai city establish implement the spirit of the regulations of the central eight concrete measures for implementation,will implement the situation into duty visit to implement the responsibility system for the party to build a clean government,leading cadres ShuLian,year-end performance appraisal scope,build up"investigations,enforcement,accountability,exposure"four working mechanism,pay equal attention to investigate in violation of the provisions of the central eight 75 pieces of mental problem,given DangZhengJi sanctions 55 people,exposure illegal disciplinary problems of 27 95,release the enforcement enforced discipline will investigate the strong signal.
  In his important instructions,general secretary xi jinping stressed that in the upcoming education theme of"never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind,"formalism should be practiced to ensure good results.
  "As the main head of region-county level party committee,we have to always in the way of determination and resilience to correct the four winds,the main body of promoting the construction of style of consciously shouldering responsibility,responsibility fulfillment of accountability,responsibility,responsible,take an examination of tenants responsibility,earnestly shoulder the responsibility on the shoulder,keep in mind,and grasp the in hand,take concrete actions to continue to hand in the attitude construction excellent answers.""Said shi wanjun.