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People's Daily: win new victory with the spirit of struggle

2018/07/30 10:03
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To win a new victory in the spirit of struggle(commentator's observation)
--let the"red boat spirit"shine through The Times
Lv Xiaoxun
  The value of the spirit of struggle is that the more difficulties and contradictions you face,the more power you can inspire
  A team of 13 starts a business,capital is close to zero,what can become?Not long ago,an animated short film reviewing the communist party's"history of entrepreneurship"went viral on the Internet.Through no means to overcome difficulties without being afraid of difficulties and dangers;Not afraid of failure,has been struggling for 96 years..Some netizens left a message after watching the animation:so"fight"the team,so"burn"the struggle,no reason not success!
  All entrepreneurs aspire to success,but history only favors the aspirant.In the past,it is the determined ideal and perseverance spirit of struggle that makes the south lake red ship turn into a giant ship and constantly sail for the new vast waters.During the revolutionary era,the red army troops with an average age of less than 25 years and less than 80 guns per 100 people won the victory of the long march.In the construction period of poverty and poverty,general zhang aiping set up the new China navy in less than two years under the condition of"no man,no ship".During the reform period,liao junbo,huang Dali and other outstanding party cadres threw themselves down to struggle and wrote remarkable achievements.It's hard to start a business.As a foreign journalist laments after visiting the site of the Shanghai communist party congress,a will to"overcome everything"has"led China to where it is today".
  The"red boat spirit"contains the firm ideal and the indomitable spirit of struggle.It has been a spiritual gene of the communist party of China since its birth.A foreign dignitary paid a special visit to the old places of sichuan and zhejiang province,where he visited China nearly 30 years ago,last year,and said,"everywhere you go,you can't fail to show respect for China's great achievements."In the five years since the 18th CPC national congress,China has been racing against the clock:the incidence of poverty has dropped from 10.2%to below 4%,with an average of one person crossing the poverty line every three seconds.Science and technology innovation results"blowout,"global innovation index ranked in the top 25.The strong spirit of struggle shown in all walks of life vividly illustrates what is China's speed and strength."Resilient and aimless,"xia yan wrote in the launch of"wild grass,"is a portrait of the world's largest political party.
  "Great causes are great,not only because they are just and grand,but because they are not plain sailing."What is valuable about the spirit of struggle is that the more difficulties and contradictions you face,the more power you can inspire.This is also why general secretary xi jinping has repeatedly stressed that"only hard work can make our dreams come true"and that we must"never forget our original intention,never forget our mission and always strive".There has never been an"easy"word in the dictionary of national rejuvenation.With new mission,on a new journey,in the face of development quality and efficiency is not high,the innovation ability is not strong,the people's livelihood has such weaknesses as short board,also need to persist fighting spirit,as the report stresses of the 19th,"keep to the style of hard struggle,avoid arrogance","time and tide wait for no man,the spirit of"seize the day to better shoulder the era have entrusted to our mission.
  A 19 representative once said,"look ahead,although you can see the other shore,but do not move forward,will not arrive."Only when you hold high the ideal flag can you keep your feet firmly.Only the torch of burning faith can maintain the passion of struggle forever.Struggle is not merely an act,but a state of being.Lang ping,the former head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team,wrote an article about her experience in playing basketball.The Chinese women's volleyball team once inspired the whole country with their perseverance and courage to win.Today,we also need to carry forward the spirit of struggle and build up our passion for entrepreneurship and innovation.Tenacious struggle,struggle ahead,do not let each day every moment wasted,so"all good things can be created",19 deployment of the mission will be successful to achieve the goals.
  "The real winners aren't the ones who don't slack off,but the ones who never stop fighting."After the red army attacked razikou on the long march,the two sides of the cliff were seen to be cut by chopper,and a 50-meter stretch of the cliff road was covered with grenade fragments.Over time,the form of struggle has changed,but the meaning of struggle is still clear.We will always maintain a never-slackening spirit and unswerving attitude toward struggle.We will draw strength from the"red boat spirit"and continue to win new victories and write new glories on the great journey of seeking happiness for our people and rejuvenation for our nation.