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Just for the dream of the beautiful grassland - longxian convergence of forces to promote the development and construction

2018/08/01 17:20
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  "It is the gathering of all forces up and down,the binding of all kinds of resources before and after,as well as the cooperation and innovation between inside and outside,that jointly create a world of guanshan grassland in shaanxi and even the national tourism map,and make the dream of three-dimensional grassland in China's inland into the real picture before the eyes of countless people."Longxian county party secretary du changsheng said.
  Let the guanshan grassland become the western hot spots on the tourism map of shaanxi
  All along,shaanxi tourism presents a trend of"east hot west cold".In order to change the unfavorable situation of this strategy,baoji city increased the protection and development of this scarce local tourism resource after the local management of guanshan grassland.The party secretary of baoji municipal committee,qian luan,and the mayor of baoji city,huijin,have visited guanshan grassland for many times,and put forward targeted Suggestions on the macro development strategy and specific development measures of the local tourism industry.Longshan county is required to spare no effort to speed up the development of guanshan grassland tourism and provide a new engine for the economic and social development of the county and the city.
  The county's"ecological county"strategy is highly consistent with the city's overall positioning.With a unified understanding,in 2015,longxian county launched the"national action"to develop guanshan.
  On the basis of consulting the tourism experts in Beijing davos and the opinions of the cadres and masses in the whole county,longxian county finally determined the development orientation of guanshan grassland as"creating high-end,leisure and vacation tourist destinations".The core content of guanshan grassland is"miracle of meadow,only in China".
  If you want to live porcelain,you must have diamond.The first thing to do is to guarantee the cadre team.Guanshan grassland construction headquarters quickly emerged.The main leadership of the county party committee,led by the main leadership,set up six working groups,the composition of staff from the county to the various levels of agencies.
  It is particularly worth mentioning that the working group of the construction headquarters consists of a large number of people,from the county party committee and the county government,from the standing committee of the county people's congress and the county people's political consultative conference,as well as from the county departments and towns.Within the working group,only the capacity of an officer,regardless of rank,is measured by the ability to carry out his work.
  On October 8,2015,just after the golden week of National Day,longxian county began to develop around the guanshan grassland and launched four categories of 10 infrastructure construction projects with great fanfare.The 10 projects are to be completed by 10 county leaders.
  Wan Juan into water,after all into a river,like a song surging
  The integration of the cadre team is accompanied by effective integration of financial and material resources,and orderly promotion of project construction.The main leaders of the county party committee and the county government as well as the relevant departments shall make full efforts to compete upward,recruit outward and dig inward,formulate and form a project fund integration plan,and immediately put it into practice.
  From the longxian county town to the entrance of guanshan grassland scenic area,there is a 15-kilometer connecting road of linhe,but for various reasons,this road once became the"intestinal obstruction"of guanshan tourism.
  Longxian county is poor county,a large sum of money to build this road,very difficult.The then mayor qian luan made a decisive decision when investigating:integrating project funds,taking the lead in implementing the bottleneck dredging project of guanshan development.
  Decision is command.Soon,a total of 165 million yuan was collected from the departments of transportation,water conservancy,development and reform,and land.This huge sum of money was immediately put into the management of"ileus".After intensive construction,the effect was obvious:a main thoroughfare led to the scenic area along the qianhe river,the main road strengthened the riverbank with the roadbed as the embankment,and 1000 mu of farmland was added on both sides of the embankment through management."Guanshan avenue has become a golden road to promote the development of scenic spots,a landscape road for ecological comprehensive management,and a happy road to drive mountain people out of poverty and get rich."Said zhao jihong,the county chief.
  Here at the entrance to the guanshan grassland scenic area,this year here breaks out a new building:a tourist service center.What is remarkable about this project is that it contains another method of financing:PPP mode.Specifically,enterprises outside the region financing construction,the government is responsible for the guarantee,guanshan grassland will be repurchased in five years.With this model,officials say,you can do great things without money.
  According to introducing,this already confluence has 9 horses modelling,conformed to"guan shan"glyph building again,cover an area of 300 mu,cent is divided into 5 big function area,at present already completed completely put into operation.
  The innovation of investment and financing mode greatly accelerates the construction and development of guanshan grassland.From June to September,2016,the scenic spots represented by the tourist service center--gushan amorous town,Mongolian tribe,eight banners amorous barbecue garden,rv camp,guanshan touring circle line,etc.
  In accordance with the principle of equal responsibility and equal interests,the sight-seeing small train projects and winter skiing projects planned in guanshan grassland scenic area will all adopt the mode of"bundling",encouraging investors to both invest in construction and participate in operation.
  Now guanshan prairie,through the virgin forests and alpine meadow on the dividing line between tourism circle is like a ribbon winding,scattered in the empty mountain valley rv camp like fairy tale world,red tile inlaid in the green valley town of Europe land amorous feelings of the spire,white ger together as Mongol tribes of the grassland flavor,night eight banners barbecue garden scent in the wind to send...
  Take advantage of external forces to turn other people's good things into your own new strengths
  This year,tian ziyun,a management employee of shenzhen jinxiu zhonghua development co.,LTD,was appointed general manager of guanshan grassland tourism development co.,LTD,stationed in longxian county.His only mission here is to manage and manage the scenic area of guanshan grassland.
  Invite in the first domestic tourism management enterprise with the qualification of"output management",the purpose of longxian county is very clear:use the advanced experience of others to improve their management level.
  This year,the management and operation order of guanshan grassland scenic spot has been significantly improved,and the proportion of tourists from other provinces has also been gradually increased.
  In the middle of summer,a group of students come to the guanshan grassland.They stand on an easel to sketch,becoming a landscape on the guanshan grassland,and the sense of art in the scenic spot soared.
  It is only a beneficial exploration for longxian county to integrate external cultural resources and enhance the influence of guanshan grassland.In order to improve the taste of guanshan grassland,longxian county takes the initiative to connect with high-end culture,and has achieved interactive cooperation with many cultural units.
  On June 30,2016,seven sets of"the big country world"program of CCTV entered the guanshan grassland,with the theme of"ecological longzhou,damei gushan"to publicize the guanshan grassland and promote the county economy of longxian.After the broadcast,the program hit a record high in ratings.
  In 2015,guanshan grassland received attention and recommendation from the humanistic and geographic edition of guangming daily.Its chapter of"driving a horse across longzhou"was also included in the famous mountain of hometown in the fine art photography series of guangming daily.
  According to the head of the scenic area management committee,recently,the guanshan grassland has contacted with xi'an music college to discuss relevant cooperation.At that time,"qingqing grassland"will be a cultural element to be dug together by both sides.
  Speaking of future development,longxian is full of confidence:guanshan will not only become the first brand of longxian's"ecological county"strategy,but also provide the most powerful support for longshan to become one of the three sub-central cities of baoji city and realize the transformation from a mountainous county to a three-tier city in guantian economic zone.