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Guanshan grassland tourist scenic spot in longxian county, shaanxi -- China three-dimensional grassland Oriental amontal

2018/08/01 17:24
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  In 2017,with the strong support of the county party committee and the county government,shaanxi guanshan grassland tourism development co.,ltd.led all party members and employees of the tourism company to emancipate their minds,put pressure on the progress,and strive to catch up and surpass.
  I.main work and highlights
  (1)get new achievements in publicity and marketing.Keep marketing as a top priority.The new media is adopted for all-round publicity,and various newspapers and magazines at all levels have been featured and reported one after another.Publicity layout is made on the subway,bus and airport platform of xi'an.It successfully held the first international kite art festival of guanshan grassland,and a series of activities such as the painting of life on the guanshan grassland.Through the large section set section,activate the market,gather the sentiment.
  New results have been achieved in enterprise management.First,improve the system.Second,strict assessment.Third,strengthening supervision.
  New changes have taken place in the business order.One is to strengthen comprehensive remediation.The mobilization meeting for the comprehensive improvement of scenic spots was held,and a working group was set up.Second,set up a special management team.Set up the comprehensive management team of the scenic spot,the racecourse adheres to the"four one one"management system,and has formulated the"management measures for managing the horses".The rental department of the scenic spot has been set up,and the operation and management systems such as rural jiale have been formulated.The star-level dynamic management has been implemented for all operating sites in the scenic area,and the integrity management has been achieved.Actively carry out the work of grazing prohibition to protect the grassland ecology to the maximum extent.Third,regulate business behavior.Contact the market regulatory authorities to sign relevant agreements.Fourthly,strengthen the education training for the staff in the scenic spot.We should hold a training meeting every half a month to constantly improve the management level of the scenic spot.Fifth,I organized company managers to go to shenzhen jinxiu China for training and learning,and constantly improved the comprehensive management level of managers.
  New developments were made in the construction of the project.We will accelerate the implementation of ten major supporting projects.Purchase modern cleaning equipment to ensure the clean appearance of the scenic spot.The construction of five triple-a standardized public toilets,including a third toilet and a disabled person's squat position,has improved the image level of the scenic spot.The construction of water supply project and parking lot in the scenic area and the installation of waveform crash barrier in the core scenic area.Three green slopes and ditches were strengthened,and the lighting project of the scenic spot was basically completed.The forest park bike trail has been completed.Smart scenic spot is finishing the second phase project.The sign system has been installed in the tourist service center,and the core scenic spot is being improved.
  (v)the establishment of each new stage.Around creating national eco-tourism demonstration area,to invite design company Beijing davos peak business development research field trips to the scenic spot,is compiling the overall planning and detailed planning and the node planning,at the same time when formulating the"provincial resources potential evaluation of guanshan prairie application data collection,create work now province brigade committee submitted to the national tourism administration for approval.Organized and managed personnel to study in taibai mountain scenic area around the establishment of national AAAAA scenic area.According to the AAAAA scenic spot standards,the scene area was overhauled.Beijing zhixing tang creative company was invited to complete the autumn scenery shooting of"report on the creation of resources in the guanshan grassland AAAAA scenic spot",and the design scheme of road publicity atmosphere from the ecological gate of guanshan to the tourist service center is being improved.Xi'an tiantu design institute is invited to optimize three design schemes,namely,the renovation of the houses in qiuju villa,the improvement of the environment of Mongolian tribe and the development of folk customs in yinke village.
  (6)tourism poverty alleviation presents new highlights.First,we will vigorously develop rural tourism.Completed the construction of yinco village songtao ling entertainment project,is preparing the yinco village folk custom development and promotion program,and will organize construction in the next spring.Second,the five villages of guanshan scenic spot to develop tourism economy.Third,the fund dividends of poverty alleviation bonds.We will actively mobilize the public to use poverty alleviation funds for the development and construction of scenic spots and enjoy the bonus distribution of scenic spots every year.Fourth,the development of"double hundred"base to drive poor households to get rich.Fifth,poor household capital shares.
  The administrative committee of longxian county was appraised as"the advanced grassroots party organization to catch up and surpass"in 2017.Guanshan grassland was awarded the title of"longxian business incubation base"and"outstanding enterprise in helping poverty alleviation campaign".It has been successfully established as"provincial ping an scenic spot","provincial education practice base for primary and middle school research studies","municipal civilized unit","municipal employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base"and"county chief quality award".
  2018 is a key year to comprehensively improve the benefits of the scenic area and create the AAAAA scenic area.We will study the 19 spirit deeply,build the AAAAA scenic spot tightly,focus on marketing,management,construction,service and efficiency,carry out ten projects,lead by innovation,lead by project,improve the quality and create highlights,and strive to build guan shan into China's emmontal.