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Shaanxi university photography competition in the guanshan grassland officially opened the curtain

Shaanxi university photography competition in the guanshan grassland officially opened the curtain

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  Shaanxi,as a national high-quality education base,is the name card of contemporary college students with youth,vitality and personality.However,the daily campus life is not enough for college students who pursue"poetry and distance".For this reason,guan shan grassland and shaanxi huizhi advertising co.,ltd.jointly held the"drunken beauty of guan shan,hihihi shaanxi"shaanxi university gushan photography contest and hihihi competition on June 9 officially kicked off.
  On the day of the event,100 photography lovers from more than 10 well-known universities in the province,including shaanxi normal university,xi'an engineering university,xi'an university of posts and telecommunications,and chang'an university,gathered in the guanshan grassland,and the ceremony was officially launched.
  Yan quanxue,secretary of the party work committee of guanshan management committee,Chen hongwei,director of the promotion department of baoji tourism development committee,vice-chairman of baoji photographers association and chairman of longxian photographers association gave speeches for this activity respectively.
  Zhang xuehua,a student from xi'an university of technology,as a student representative,said that photography is a beautiful record from the people who have been there,while the people who have not have been there want to see it.
  After the ceremony,the students,led by a photography teacher and a dionysian,began taking photos of the guanshan grassland.As we have learned,15 solstice 24 will be in the campus of more than ten universities in xi'an for 10 days of tour exhibition,at the same time using the competition WeChat,weibo and other platforms,the campus public voting activities.29 in xi'an northwest university modern college activity center,held photography contest summary and award conference.The guanshan scenic spot plans to set up on June 9 each year as"guanshan grassland photography festival",and establish a photography gathering base of northwest university modern college.
  This activity is designed to meet the college students for the pursuit of rich and colorful extracurricular life,through the"photography,trill",make college students improve the level of photography in the play,promote the friendship between colleges and universities at the same time,arouse the enthusiasm of students groups experience guanshan,propaganda guanshan,bring more tourist groups,love travel,love the grassland,the mountain.
  The guanshan grassland is the only scenic spot in the northwest inland region,closest to the big city,with alpine meadows as the main part and European style.There are many natural landscapes,such as forests,grasslands,rivers,mountains and canyons.The mountains are undulating,the river valley is soft and beautiful,and the sky is blue with white clouds.
  Guanshan has a long history and profound culture.The ancestors of the qin people,non-zi,were herding horses for the zhou royal family.Known as"royal ranch","natural cold capital","China three-dimensional grassland,Oriental aimontar"reputation.
  In the later stage,guanshan scenic spot will also hold Chen cang cup chess competition,music festival,Chinese baoji"romantic qixi,the situation is decided gushan"outdoor collective wedding,social fire performances and other festival activities,the production of 7 central"local covenant"special programs,through a series of festival activities to enhance the visibility and influence of the scenic spot.