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Party building

Party building

We should focus on training new people to take on the responsibility of national rejuvenation

2018/07/30 10:04
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  We should focus on training new people to take on the responsibility of national rejuvenation
  --an overview of the innovative development of ideological and political work in Chinese universities in the past year
  Xinhua reporter hu hao
  There is virtue in heaven,and then there is merit,and then there is speech.The foundation of the university lies in the cultivation of human beings.
  Over the past year,universities across the country to carry out the ideological and political work conference spirit and xi general secretary of the important speech spirit,insisting that khalid ents as the key link,promote the development of ideological and political work innovation,efforts to achieve full to educate,the whole process and comprehensive education,create a new situation our country higher education enterprise development further.
  To inspire the dream of youth with the Chinese dream,to encourage students to integrate their personal ideal into the national cause
  Education's mission is the value orientation of education,while education of mission is the responsibility of education.
  In today's China,an important mission of university education is to guide students to integrate their individual pursuit of ideals into the cause of the party,the people,the country and the nation,set up the ideals and beliefs that are in line with the theme of this era,and have the courage to shoulder the historical responsibility conferred by this era.
  "You represent China's most advanced intellectual community,and you are the key to whether the country can go from'rich'to'strong'."On November 22,the auditorium of tsinghua university was full and the audience applauded continuously."learning and publicity implement the 19th party spirit--the'campus tour speech'and'online tour ceremony'activities of thousands of outstanding university counselors"were held here.
  From here,more than 1,000 excellent college counselors will complete more than 500 lectures in a month or so,more than 500,000 students will listen to the lectures and more than 10 million students will watch the reports online.
  Network,a new class for students to acquire information and learn knowledge,plays an important role in the development of"double touring"activities.Education,a group of student theme websites represented by"yiban"and Chinese university students online,has become the online spiritual home for students to grow into talents and develop comprehensively.
  Bearing in mind general secretary xi jinping's instructions,let the light of thought light up the dream of youth.Colleges and universities across the country set off a wave of 19 spirit into the campus and classroom.
  In Beijing,hundreds of famous theorists brought 19 spiritual"gluttonous feast"for teachers and students in universities.
  In xi'an,the student theory society organized nearly ten"micro lectures"of 19 spiritual series on its own initiative.
  In tianjin,the annual academic conference further strengthened the ideals and beliefs of the young students in the discussion to make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.
  "We should go to where the country needs to go with more full enthusiasm and more steadfast attitude,"said hu Yang,a graduate student from the school of marxism of tianjin university of technology.
  Change by event,progress by time,and new by situation,improve the affinity and pertinence of ideological and political education
  "In the name of the people,qi tongwei is a person who dreams of'winning the day'but then commits suicide.Why?"In an ideological and political theory class with the theme of"heroes and mass historical views",the teacher's opening words immediately excited all the students.
  From"phenomenal"subject imports,from reality to theory,then use theory to guide the reality-once in people's minds"boring,board face that preach"the ideological and political theory course has now changed,more and more a political education class is hard to find,more and more education courses teachers become popular with the students of the"gods"of"goddess"...
  Around xi put forward by the general secretary of"ideological and political work,will rejoice in matter and,sometimes,because of the potential new""to use good classroom teaching the main channel,to adhere to in the improvement of ideological and political theory to strengthen,improve the ideological and political education and targeted affinity"requirements,such as the ministry of education puts forward,to play a game of improve the quality and level education courses in colleges and universities to be completed,and will be in 2017 identified as"education courses teaching ZhiLiangNian".
  Over the past year,colleges and universities around the country have improved the quality of ideological and political education,enhanced the sense of time and attraction,made clear the direction of ideological and political education,and expanded the participation rate and coverage of online education.
  In order to understand the construction of ideological and political education courses,the ministry of education organized more than 200 experts to go deep into 2,516 ordinary colleges and universities across the country,listened to 3,000 ideological and political courses at random,and invited more than 30,000 students to participate in the survey by scanning the code with mobile phones,completing an unprecedented"carpet survey"in the history of ideological and political education construction in new China.
  The survey found that 86.6 percent of the students surveyed said they liked or preferred to take ideological and political courses,91.8 percent said they liked or liked their ideological and political teachers,and 91.3 percent said they had gained or gained a lot in ideological and political courses.
  We will adhere to the leadership of the party and run a socialist university with Chinese characteristics
  "To run our higher level education well,we must adhere to the party's leadership,firmly control the party's leadership over the work of colleges and universities,so that colleges and universities become a strong position to uphold the party's leadership".The important speech delivered by general secretary xi jinping at the national conference on ideological and political work in colleges and universities has profoundly expounded that adhering to the party's leadership over colleges and universities and strengthening and improving party building in colleges and universities are the fundamental guarantee for running a socialist college with Chinese characteristics.
  The key to running China well is the party.Running China's higher education is also key to the party.
  In 2017,dozens of college presidents,collectively added a"new title":deputy secretary of the party committee.
  University President concurrently hold the position of vice secretary of party committee,is to carry out the national ideological and political work conference spirit,to strengthen the construction of college party committee organized group and the specific measures to strengthen the leadership of the party,means that principals of colleges and universities should not only responsible for administration,teaching,scientific research and other business pays special attention to the work,and we should strengthen to shoulder the responsibility of the party's leadership,pays special attention to the teachers'and students'ideological and political and party construction in colleges and universities,khalid ents as the basic task of the colleges and universities.
  Adhering to and strengthening the party's leadership is the fundamental guarantee of adhering to the socialist orientation of higher education and ensuring the sound development of higher education.
  Over the past year,the ministry of education to strengthen top-level design,made solid progress"integration"education,effectively through khalid ents"last one kilometer",from the course education,scientific research,education,culture,education,practice education,management,education,service education,such as ten aspects,implementation of the ideological and political work quality improvement project,build 10 cultivation system,to enhance the affinity of ideological and political work,pertinent,ideological and political work in colleges and universities"four beams eight columns"preliminary formation framework.Colleges and universities around the country have actively improved the party's leadership system and mechanism,and improved policy support and financial support.
  Education is a strong country.We should firmly run a socialist university with Chinese characteristics,and carry ideological and political work throughout the whole process of education teaching.China's higher education will certainly train a number of builders and successors for the socialist cause who are fully developed morally,intellectually,physically and aesthetically,and train new generations who take on the responsibility of national rejuvenation.