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Shaanxi-gansu sichuan weiqi celebrity guanshan grassland match

2018/08/01 17:26
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  On July 5,"guanshan grassland cup"shaanxi ganchuan weiqi celebrity invitation contest sponsored by baoji city weiqi association,undertaken by longxian weiqi association,co-organized by longxian youth off-campus activity center,supported by the county party committee propaganda department,guanshan administrative committee,county finance bureau,county wenguang bureau and county educational system bureau,etc.
  The leaders and guests attending the opening ceremony are:the original province consultant Zhang Yufu weiqi association,deputy director of provincial Labour department,shaanxi province,dean of the school of shaanxi normal university sports Shi Bing,shaanxi normal university sports institute,vice President of王一喆,go professional 2 Duan Mengzhao jade,game 7 section of the national champion amateur Tang Xiaohong,baoji weiqi association of honorary President,amateur 5 paragraph Qin Changsheng and regionalization of the county party committee standing committee,propaganda minister Zhao Hongzhou,regionalization of secretary,chairman of the federation of trade unions and the ac working in barrier YanQuanXue,regionalization of combination bureau deputy director He Wei,regionalization of deputy director of the government-run yong-gang li and so on.The meeting was chaired by baoji weiqi association President,amateur section 5 luo tuo.
  Yan quanxue,secretary of the party work committee of guanshan administrative committee,delivered a welcome speech.He first extended a warm welcome to the participants,and then gave you an overview of the scenic spot.At the same time,it is emphasized that this weiqi celebrity invitation contest is another important event held in the scenic spot after the chess open,the photography and diaofeng competition of"drunken beauty gushan hihihi shaanxi"and the recording of CCTV's"agrestic"program.The successful holding of this event has opened up new ideas and built a new platform for the publicity of"the great beauty gushan ecology longzhou".In the future,the scenic area will also hold group wedding,music festival and other festival activities,dedicated to building the scenic area into"China's aimontar".
  He weibing,deputy director of the teaching and physical education bureau of longxian county,delivered a speech,mainly introducing the measures taken and the achievements made in the development of the sports industry of longxian county in recent years.
  Zhang yufu,former deputy director of the provincial labor department and advisor of shaanxi go association,made a speech.He said he came to the guanshan grassland in 2012 for attending a weiqi competition.This is a visit to the old place,feeling the overall change of the scenic area is refreshing,European style landscape is not inferior to the European Switzerland.The summer of guanshan grassland is cool and comfortable,and the weiqi competition is pleasant both physically and mentally.Through this activity's hold,also has excavated the sports and the traveling unifies the better way.
  Baoji city go association vice-President when yongzhong read out the competition and reward measures.
  Longxian county standing committee,minister of publicity zhao hongzhou announced the opening of the competition.
  The participants included more than 90 professional and amateur players from three provinces of shaanxi and gansu.The competition is organized into two groups:cultural celebrities and amateurs.The competition rules are based on the 2002 songbu weiqi competition rules of the Chinese weiqi association.The competition will last for two days,and the prize will be awarded at noon on 6th.After the opening ceremony,the players couldn't wait to show their skills,and the game was played in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
  Two young contestants from the longxian youth after-school activity center compete with each other attentively.
  Tang xiaohong,a 7-section national champion of weiqi from sichuan province,said that the scenery of guanshan grassland,mountain and water is beautiful,and it is a great pleasure to hold weiqi competitions in such a beautiful environment.It is hoped that through the promotion of go,more people will understand it and its value will be truly embodied.
  Liu peng,a chess friend from lanzhou,gansu province,said in an interview that when he first came to guanshan grassland,he was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery and felt honored to communicate with friends in shaanxi and sichuan.
  After the competition,the contestants can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of guanshan grassland.