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Party building

Party building

The interaction of theoretical innovation and practice innovation and the creation of new ideas in the new era

2018/07/30 10:05
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  The greatest historic contribution of the 19th CPC national congress is to establish xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era as the guiding ideology that our party must adhere to for a long time.On January 23,2015,general secretary xi jinping stressed in the 20th collective study of the political bureau of the CPC central committee that""in light of the changes of The Times and the development of practice,it is necessary to constantly deepen understanding,constantly summarize experience,and constantly realize the benign interaction between theoretical innovation and practical innovation to develop marxism in China in the 21st century through such unity and interaction.""Xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,founded since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),has been formed and continuously developed in this positive interaction of theoretical innovation and practical innovation,and has continuously promoted historic changes in the cause of the party and the country.
  How was xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era founded?
  The people's feelings,problem orientation,strong will,military strategy,strategic planning and stamps are the leadership style and will quality of general secretary xi jinping.This is deeply imprinted in xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era,which he founded,and in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,which he led the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups.
  Xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era was founded in the course of comprehensively tightening party discipline and punishing corruption.
  General secretary xi jinping has adhered to the guidance of problems,carried out the task of"offending hundreds of people and living up to 1.3 billion"with a tenacious spirit of struggle and the spirit of filling the sky and filling the sea.Comprehensive governing party from the beginning of the rules of the political bureau of the central committee,from the implementation of the central eight mental presentation,amplification from"dozen tiger""take fly"anti-corruption battle,the first breakthrough strict party discipline,the serious inner-party political life,and to strengthen the supervision within the party,solve the"light black",to"obstruction",break institutional barriers,break through barriers,interests tenaciously investigate zhou yongkang,bo xilai,guo boxiong and xu caihou,sun zhengcai,ling jihua serious violations,eradicate the political corruption and economic interests are intertwined,effectively safeguarding the authority of the CPC central committee and the centralized and unified leadership.The spectacular practice over the past five years has fully proved that the party's strategic layout with strict party discipline in all respects is correct,corrected the course of the party and the national cause at the critical moment of realizing the great renewal,and made the party undergo revolutionary forging.
  Xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era was created in the process of cleaning up the source and strengthening the party's leadership in an all-round way.
  The party,the government,the army,the people,the people,the east,the west,the north and the south.The most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the leadership of the communist party of China.But for a long time,the party's leadership has been seriously weakened and weakened,and even dare not insist on the party's leadership.Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),general secretary xi jinping has presided over a series of important meetings and conferences in which he has laid down a clear emphasis on upholding the party's leadership in all work,no matter what field or aspect of the work is carried out,it always starts with strengthening the party's leadership and ends with strengthening the party's construction.Through these measures,the ambiguous understanding was clarified,the lost position was recaptured,the road was straightened out,the authority of the CPC central committee was established,and the situation of weakening the party's leadership was fundamentally reversed.
  3.Xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era was created in the formation of the"four comprehensives"strategic layout.
  Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China,the changes in the situation at home and abroad and the development of various undertakings in China have put forward a major issue of The Times for us.From the perspective of history and reality,theory and practice,as well as domestic and international strategies,the key to solving this major issue lies in how to unify the great struggle,great project,great cause and great dream,and how to promote the overall layout of"five-in-one".After a period of practice to explore innovative,xi jinping,general secretary of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics from the overall situation,the system is put forward and formed to build a well-off society in an all-round way,comprehensively deepen reform and comprehensive law,comprehensive governing party"comprehensive"four strategic layout,and through the sixth plenary session of 3,4,5,18,to form the coordination advances the strategy of"four comprehensive"layout of the timetable and roadmap,commitments,military order.The""four comprehensives""strategic layout has both strategic objectives and strategic initiatives,and each""comprehensive""is of great strategic significance.Building a moderately prosperous society in all respects is our strategic goal.Comprehensively deepening reform,comprehensively governing the country in accordance with the law,and comprehensively governing the party strictly are the three strategic measures.At the same time,it was also proposed to adhere to the"four self-confidence",inject new connotation of the era into socialism with Chinese characteristics,further strengthen the political determination to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics,and provide strong spiritual support for the realization of the grand goals of the party and the country.
  4.Xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era was established through the solid promotion of the"five-in-one"overall layout.
  Since the 18th national congress of the CPC,China's economic development has been marked by a new normal.The speed of growth needs to change from high speed to medium and high speed,the mode of development needs to change from scale and speed to quality and efficiency,the economic structural adjustment needs to shift from incremental energy expansion to inventory adjustment and optimal growth simultaneously,and the development power needs to shift from relying mainly on input of resources and low-cost labor to innovation drive.These changes are the inevitable process of China's economic evolution towards a more advanced form,a more optimized division of labor and a more reasonable structure.To lead the whole party and the people to achieve such a wide and profound transformation is a huge new challenge to the party's governance capacity.
  To hold and handle the new normal adaptation,grasp the leading economic development throughout the development of the country and the whole process of logic,xi jinping,general secretary of the summary of our country and the world development experience,proposed the innovation,harmonious and green,open,sharing new development concept,put it as a new concept of the transformation,promote the baton of work,promote the"five one"the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics overall layout in risk under huge pressure,overcome difficult went to a new level,have created a new pattern of seek improvement in stability.
  On economic construction,and puts forward to uphold the quality first,efficiency first,the implementation of the centered on people's thought,the development of structural reform as the main line,to supply side economic development quality,efficiency,change change,power transformation,improve the total factor productivity,firmly implement the strategy of developing the country by relying on science and education,the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development,innovation-driven development strategy,strategy of rejuvenating rural,regional coordinated development strategy,sustainable development strategy,military and civilian integration development strategy,grasp key,for short,strong or weak,determined to play against and dissolving of significant risk of good,precision out of poverty,pollution prevention and control to be completed.
  In political construction,it is proposed to adhere to the path of socialist political development with Chinese characteristics,develop socialist consultative democracy,improve the democratic system,enrich the forms of democracy,broaden the channels of democracy,and ensure that the people are the masters of the country in political and social life.It is proposed that the comprehensive rule of law is the essential requirement and important guarantee of socialism with Chinese characteristics.We must implement the party's leadership into the whole process and all aspects of the rule of law,unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the rule of law,improve the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics centered on the constitution,build a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics,and build a socialist country under the rule of law.
  In terms of cultural development,it is proposed to cultivate and practice socialist core values,firmly grasp the leadership of ideological work,constantly consolidate the guiding position of marxism in the ideological field,and consolidate the common ideological foundation for the party and the people to unite and struggle.It is proposed to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China's excellent traditional culture,inherit the revolutionary culture,develop advanced socialist culture and improve the country's cultural soft power.
  In social development,the fundamental goal of development is to improve people's wellbeing.We need to improve people's wellbeing,promote social equity and justice,deepen poverty alleviation,ensure that all the people have a greater sense of gain from joint development and Shared development,and promote all-round development for all and common prosperity for all.We will strengthen and make innovations in social governance,maintain social harmony and stability,and ensure enduring peace and stability in the country and that the people live and work in peace and contentment.
  On the construction of ecological civilization,it is proposed to insist on the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.Must be set up and practice the concept of green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan,ecological environment,with the consideration humans extend to other life as a whole ShanShuiLinTian HuCao system management,implement the strictest possible system for ecological environment protection,green development way and way of life,determined to go production development,life wealthy,ecology good civilization development path,building beautiful China,contribute to the global ecological security.
  Xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era was created in building major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics and a community of Shared future for mankind.
  Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),China has been steadily stepping into the center of the world stage as never before.At the same time,if China becomes strong,it will not repeat the historical mistakes of"strong countries must seek hegemony",which has become a topic of concern to the international community.General secretary xi jinping has pointed out that the dream of the Chinese people is closely related to the dreams of the people of other countries,and the realization of the Chinese dream cannot be achieved without a peaceful international environment and a stable international order.China has always held high the banner of peace,development,cooperation and win-win progress,unswervingly followed the path of peaceful development,adhered to the correct concept of justice and interests,and established a new security concept featuring common,comprehensive,cooperative and sustainable security.General secretary xi jinping also pioneered the"One Belt And One Road"construction,and proposed the principle of joint consultation,joint contribution and sharing.We will continue to promote the building of a community of Shared future for mankind,firmly oppose anti-globalization and trade protectionism,and remain committed to building world peace,contributing to global development and upholding the international order.
  These new strategies,new ideas,new ideas come from era and practice,has a solid basis of practice,and strong to guide and improve the party's great practice,since the eighteenth big make a historic change,the party and national business development for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics,a new era push forward provides the basic to follow the party and the country,for the development of marxism and marxism of contemporary China in the 21st century has made a historic contribution,fully displays the new age of xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics is scientific,times,attributed to a high degree of unity and practical.
  How did the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics open up?
  Above,we reviewed the establishment process of xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era from the promotion of theoretical innovation through practical innovation.Next,let's see how the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics opens up from the promotion of theoretical innovation to practical innovation.
  We have good reasons to say that the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics was initiated under the guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.
  Xi jinping,the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the process of the formation and development,which has played an important guiding role in practice,the fundamental reason is that it inherit and develop marxist theory quality,to discover and solve problems as the guidance,the religion belief,in people's position,strong history as,a down-to-earth style of work,innovative spirit and scientific methodology to find and solve problems throughout the whole process and guide the practice,presents the practice of marxism in contemporary China the first theoretical characteristics.
  Since the eighteenth congress in jinping new era under the guidance of the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics,and solved many want to solve problems that not for a long time,we wanted to do a lot of the past without succeeds,promote historic changes occur,the party and the state clearly reflected in made some tough,part to crack.
  First,we have won the tough battle against corruption and sustained anti-four winds.
  Second,we have won the battle of seek improvement in stability,stabilizing growth,and transforming and upgrading China's economy.
  Third,we won targeted poverty alleviation and deepened poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas.
  Fourth,we won the battle against pollution and ecological pollution.
  Fifth,we won the battle of ideology and network governance.
  Sixth,we won the battle of establishing the party's absolute leadership over the armed forces and the reform of national defense and the armed forces.
  Seventh,we won the decisive battle to strengthen the party's leadership in an all-round way and reverse the weakening and weakening of the party's leadership.
  These fundamental,overall,pioneering the victory of the battle,reveals the new age of xi jinping,the Chinese characteristic socialism great power,promote our country's economy by the high quality development stage of rapid growth stage,the development of our country standing in the new historical starting point,contributed to the transformation of social principal contradictions of our country,promote the socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era.As comrade liu yunshan said,"the logic of practice and theory is that new topics are put forward in the new era,new topics generate new theories,and new theories lead to new practices.In the five years since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),the cause of the party and the country to open a new chapter and write a new chapter lies in the scientific guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.
  Xi jinping,a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to create process deeply vividly illustrate,xi jinping,general secretary pointed out"according to The Times change and practice development,deepening understanding,constantly sum up experience,realize the benign interaction theory innovation and practice innovation unceasingly,in this kind of unity and interaction development in the 21st century,China's marxism",is actually the deep summary of marxism basic experience.
  The sinicization of marxism is based on the combination of the basic principles of marxism with Chinese reality and the essence of Chinese traditional culture.The inexhaustible source of strength is time change and practice development;The effective way is"three unceasing",that is,deepening the understanding,continuously summing up the experience,and continuously realizing the positive interaction between theoretical innovation and practical innovation.
  Deepening understanding is the basic premise of theoretical innovation.If the thought becomes rigid,stagnant,or even deviated from the correct political direction,it will make an irreversible historical mistake.So the 19th CPC report warned all party comrades to"never be rigid or stagnant".
  Constantly summing up experience is the fundamental way of theoretical innovation.There are two main objections to summing up experience.One is to dabble and float on the surface.The other is grandiloquence and grandiloquence.To sum up good experience,we must work hard,solve problems truly,and innovate by practice.So the 19th CPC report warned all party members to"dare to reform and innovate".
  It is the best state and the highest state of theoretical innovation to realize the positive interaction between theoretical innovation and practical innovation.Time is the mother of thought and practice is the source of theory.We want to win the initiative in the rapidly changing times,to win in new great struggle,to the great practice of promoting theoretical innovation based on practice,will be based on adhere to the basic principles of marxism,with broader vision and more long-term view to think and grasp the future development of a series of major strategic issues,continuously expand new field of vision in theory and make a new summary,constantly bring forth theoretical innovation and practical innovation,system innovation,culture innovation and other aspects.