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Party building

Party building

The 19 th spirit of the communist party of China has evoked warm responses overseas

2018/07/30 10:06
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  The 19th CPC national congress has visited Russia,Mongolia,Malaysia,South Korea and other countries to meet with political leaders,friendly groups,media and think tanks to introduce the main situation and significance of the 19th CPC national congress.China's announcement has been well received locally,and people from all walks of life speak highly of the results and significance of the 19th CPC national congress and hope to promote the development of bilateral relations with China.
  Speaking to xinhua after attending an event hosted by the mission in Russia,sergei rezniak,deputy secretary of the general committee of the ruling united Russia party,said it is of great significance for China and the world to establish the strategic goal of building socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era."Russia is carefully studying the successful experience of China's reform and is full of respect for the many changes taking place in Chinese society under the leadership of the communist party of China.I wish the Chinese people the success of the 19 development goals.
  "We are encouraged by the statement of the concept of building a community of Shared future for mankind"in the report,said monggol tula,President of the Mongolian newspaper yedioth ahronoth,after attending a press conference in the spirit of the 19th CPC central committee."our country has many aspects to learn from China,"he said.She sincerely wishes Mongolia and China friendship from generation to generation and the friendship goes back to ancient times.
  Malaysian Chinese association President,government transport minister liao,listening to the"spirit of the communist party of China(19 big area all the way"as the theme of the seminar,said after the 19th big planning not only the development of China from now to the middle of the century blueprint,also involves the international partners in China and"neighbourhood"all the way along the country's future.He said that under the framework of"One Belt And One Road",Malaysia would like to see more Chinese investment,more Chinese technology and more Chinese tourists.
  South Korea's sejong institute,director of the China research center,Li Taihuan in 19 said after the big spirit on heralded interface activity,promote to build the new international relations is conducive to the development and prosperity of the asia-pacific region and the world,because it advocates win-win cooperation,fairness and justice,the concept of mutual respect and help members to strengthen communication,complement each other,hand in hand,toward the goal of common development efforts.