Seven don't travel

  Seven avoid
  Don't be careless.The purpose of traveling is to delight your body and mind and to gain knowledge.If you go to a place without carefully observing and appreciating the local customs,you will lose the meaning of traveling.
  Don't have too much luggage.It doesn't make sense to carry too many things when we travel.It is inconvenient to take it with you.It's not safe in a hotel.So I advocate a package policy:all luggage is a big bag.
  Don't be a troublemaker.The place to travel is not your own place.It's better to be aggressive and domineering.
  4.Avoid dispersing activities.If you travel in groups,it's best not to have separate programs.Don't go out alone!
  Avoid money person separation,multiple heart,careful for the good.
  Do not take care of children,children always need adult care,so that adults can not fully enjoy the joy of travel.
  7.Do not know the geography,please buy a local map for each place,which can be used in case of loss;Two can stay for the memorial.
  1.Take a small medicine bag and some common medicine when traveling,because some unexpected situations may occur when traveling.If you take a small medicine bag with you,you will be prepared.
  2.Pay attention to the safety of your journey.Sometimes,you will pass through some scenic spots in dangerous areas,such as steep slopes,dense forests,steep cliffs,and deep holes in the jet stream.
  3.Be civilized and polite.Be polite to people at all times and occasions.
  4.To protect cultural relics and historical sites,tourists should take good care of cultural relics and scenic spots,flowers and trees,and do not carve or smear randomly on scenic spots and historical sites.
  We should respect local customs.China is a multi-ethnic country,and many ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs.As the saying goes,"when in Rome,do as the Romans do."When traveling in ethnic minority communities,they should respect their traditional customs and taboos in life.They should not ignore etiquette or injure their national self-esteem through careless actions.
  6.It is undoubtedly an enjoyment of"food culture"to pay attention to hygiene and health,and to travel outside and taste local famous dishes and food.However,it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of food and water and avoid overeating.
  7.Be wary of being deceived,there are still a small number of stealing,cheating and robbing bad men in the society at present.Therefore,when meeting by chance,it is strictly forbidden to communicate with others in a deep way.
  8.Detailed travel plan means that specific plans for time,route and accommodation should be made in advance and tourist maps(books),related maps and car and boat schedules,as well as necessary luggage(clothes,sanitary supplies,etc.)should be prepared.